Monday, 27 January 2014

Finished Props

And now I feel bad for not posting anything for the Christmas last year (last month :3 rawr.) and for the New Year.
       I tend to make my days quite busy as school is crawling closer again! I wouldn't have enough time with my social networking, cosplay and gaming. Though, I'm pretty much on the Internet whenever I get home. But I'm thinking about the challenges I will face this year at school, especially new homeworks that I have to do.
       I'm also excited for February! :3 It's really close! What I'm waiting for is the day when my Stocking cosplay dress will have its 1st anniversary! The Last of Us: Left Behind will also be released on Valentine's Day, which makes me look forward to February so much. Kokone, a new singer to VOCALOID3 will also be out on the same day! Aren't I lucky to like cosplay, gaming, anime and Vocaloid? Because all of these are happening! >w<
       I haven't been watching a lot of anime episodes recently after I finished watching Kyoukai no Kanata as I was told not to watch a lot on the Internet and waste the internet :( Though, I have seen the first episode of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, and was happy to see my favorite characters again! Things happened, and I nearly couldn't get a costume for Rikka Takanashi. But, I'm thankful, everything's going to be all right again. (The seller got ill and I was really sad by that, and that it was a let-down thought that I wouldn't get another costume. But she's fine now :) I'm happy about her.)
       Ever since we had PS4 along with Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, I tried not to lose time for my dear swords XD And now that they're done before school comes, I'm so happy! :D They're not that great looking, as I have just started making props like these. I have made the headphones for Hatsune Miku for my first cosplay last year, but that was pretty easy. I'm quite new to sword props, and I had a thought I might not wanna make anything like that anytime soon again! XD Though, I'm quite happy with how they turned out. :3

Top: Hatsune Miku Headphones (without a hairband)
Middle: Nietono no Shana (that I forgot was supposed to be gold :c sorry)
Bottom: Mirai Kuriyama Blood Sword (one that came out great)

When I started doing these swords, I thought Nietono was the easiest out of the two! I judged the Blood Sword by the look :c I seriously thought it was hard. But I finished it before I even started painting on Nietono. Both of them were made out of foamboards. It was hard at first with all the measuring and such, especially how I hate Measurement in Maths, lol. But I'm really glad with the results! The Nietono looked so flash after it was painted silver. And the Blood Sword is just simply beautiful. I really love these props, I liked how I they turned out. (But I couldn't have done all of these if I wasn't friends with one of the best national cosplayers of Portugal in the first place :3 I'm betting you know her 'cause she's really awesome! She's my inspiration and the one I run into when I get problems with cosplay :) Got deviantArt? You will find her easily there :) I hope you meet her too!)
       Now that these tasks are done, and I have finished playing Battlefield 4, I have nothing interesting to do. Well, besides watching anime. But I really don't have that much time to watch them. I will surely pay them back :)

Until next time! :D
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You'll find me on Dead Trigger 2 and Tekken Card Tournament with that IGN too :) I always wanted to have a permanent username <3

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cosplay Props

I have been making the sword props for Mirai Kuriyama and Shana. (The Shana for me, the Mirai for my sister.) For Shana I'm doing Nietono no Shana, her sword, and for Mirai her blood sword. I am making both out of foamboards as I do not know where to buy balsa wood anywhere. I got some help from my Dad to cut out the base so that I'll add more details to it once it's been cut. And then I'm thinking about how I'm gonna connect the handle and the blade part with 'some' glue ._. Right now, I still don't know what glue I would use, but for now I'm focusing on finishing the thickness of the sword. I don't really need to do a lot on the Nietono, except the part between the handle and the blade.

Credits to the owner of the photo
I hope you can see the sword well enough \o/ Though, I'm not planning to put the details on that, will just put the shape, and that's it. It's not like someone's gonna ask me if they can touch the sword and look at every detail ._.

For Mirai Kuriyama, as she is from a new anime called Kyoukai no Kanata, also known as Beyond the Boundary, it was hard for me to search information about the dimensions of the sword. I have tried looking at the real cosplay swords in cosplay sites, but they didn't have enough information about the prop. I decided to ask some people who might know and got some info for it. (It was complicated for me until someone else said it depends because Mirai can make her sword big or small. I was relieved by that! But I was thankful to have such nice people to give me information about it!~) Now, I need my Dad to cut out two more of the same thing on the foamboard to make he sword thick.

It's gonna be school time again soon, and I would receive lots of homeworks from the teachers ._. So I better finish these props soon, and hopefully they'll come out alright. I hope they'll look outstanding for my first props! :D Also, I can't wait for the costume to finish and get here soon, so then I'll get to try them (yes, them, 'cause I will be getting two while my sister gets one for the first time). When we get them, we will buy the wigs. For the time being, I would try doing make-up trials so I'll get used to it so I can do it fast enough in the convention. The main thing is to roleplay as the character! I never really did roleplay as Miku when I was in the convention, but I did poses that were in-character. (The crowds loved it when I got on stage! Ha ha~ I got a loud applause, it was the happiest moment.)

Next time, I'll try to upload the photos of my cosplay props, and hopefully my costumes will be here by that time :3 I can do it right now, but I'm having a Skype video call with some special relative :) Hahah~! <3

See you next time! :3

Credits to the owner :3

Friday, 22 November 2013

A Bit Of An Introduction

Righto'! :D
       Everything seems so fresh in this new blog. If you know what I mean.

Well, my name's Katrina, and I used to have The World of Mine as my blog before. Which I have deleted. Due to some personal reasons. I didn't even download some of the posts when I had to really make sure if I want the posts or not. I was not in the mood at the time, so I just deleted everything. I felt sad for a day. Or even a week. Because I found out later on that I could have made it PRIVATE.
       I regretted deleting it. But I had a thought that I should just make another one. :3

So! As a starter post, I am going to introduce who I am, what I do, and what I like. (There might be an About Me tab there beside this, but does that tell a lot about me? No. Lol :D Keep up with me.)

I'm Katrina. I have a second name, which is Mae. No-one at school bothers to know about it, but sometimes I'm asked what my middle name is. My last name is Ditablan! I came all over with my family from the Philippines, and carried my name all the way to New Zealand! I have been living here for a few years now (not really, just 3, lol), and is quite enjoying! I meet a lot of people who I never expect to meet in my life. Imagine, I grew up in PH, and actually never knew anything about NZ.

I'm a cosplayer. The first time I have cosplayed a character, was back over in the Philippines when we had a holiday there. For. A. Month. I only managed to get 2 costumes and 1 wig for me, then flied back to New Zealand where it feels more comfortable ._. And that happened in January. Well, we flied back in February. Until now, I'm stuck with 2 costumes and 1 wig. I have 2 other wigs, but they're not the ones you buy that are EXPENSIVE. Cosplay wigs are not really that expensive, but when you compare them with the fake ones that you can buy at shops in town, well, that's expensive for you. But a cosplayer told me they're worth the price because of their quality :D Right now, my sister and I are cosplanning (that's the word for when you plan on your cosplay) that we are going to have new costumes! I'm SO happy by that, because of all these months seeing other cosplayers my age or younger in the PH, who have cosplayed a lot more than 2, and who have went to conventions more than 1. So hopefully, we get costumes soon! 'Cause it'll be my sister's first cosplay. (:
       I'm also a gamer. I ABSOLUTELY love games. Video games. I have been playing since I was young. PS1 days. I couldn't have been a gamer right now because of my cousin. He inspired me to do so. Back then, I use to play that game where you have to protect the eagle (it would be amazing if you know that name of the game). And the other one that I can remember is Contra. My cousin's younger sister and I always play that, but we were really young and such noobs that we can't even go further than the second level. It was also the time of GameBoy. I used to wonder why there's no such things like a GameGirl, but in the present time I know why there's nothing like that, haha. I play games on the GameBoy such as Dragon Ball Z, and I think some superhero games like Spider Man. I can't even remember the games I used to play!
       But today, my sister and I are the only ones who stuck to gaming after our cousin. His younger sister is now into dancing, my other cousin is now into girly stuff such as Taylor Swift and fashion, meanwhile I'm into the geek culture. When I was around 7 or something, PS2 was brand new. It was Christmas Eve when I wrote on a paper, and put it in Santa Claus' big sock where you put your wishes. Right after the next day, I didn't get any PS2 and PSP. And that influenced me to stop believing in Santa. Like, what's there to wish to him for?
       In the present time, we have Wii and PS2, which is quite old to those people who have an Xbox One and PS4 now. But guess what, I want a PS3. All because I want to play The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GTA V, and other games. I know they're going to come out on PS4 too, but I've seen on Facebook that they have removed the Select and Start buttons! Oh my, what can I say to that? ;_; They removed it! Which made me like PS3 more than PS4. If I was to have PS4, I'll definitely like it better than PS3. Sadly, I don't have any of them but PS2, lol. Because I don't have those, I play on my parent's Galaxy S4. Where I happily play Tekken Card Tournament, Dead Trigger, and Dead Trigger 2 everyday. I used to play other games on my iPhone, but unfortunately it's already dead. I guess it is, 'cause the charger's not working anymore and the phone sadly ran out of battery. (I have abandoned it for nearly 2 months by now. I gave up on it 'cause I'm too lazy.)
       About my interests, Internet comes first, and secondly, ANIME. Anime is Japanese cartoon, and I personally think it's connected with video games. You know, there are Japanese video games out there, and I love some of them. I found out about anime first when I was 8. I walked past the TV, and saw a glimpse of Gundam Seed Destiny where I love the character called Lacus Clyne. I didn't really watch the anime, but saw some scenes in random times. When I was younger than 8, I already knew InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z and Cardcaptor Sakura, but never really payed attention to any of them. Until 2008 came, and I was 9, and I got carried away from my daily life to the anime world led by my very loved anime called Shakugan no Shana. It led me to the anime hobby, I started to watch a lot everyday after school, where I tend to push myself to know more about anime and where it originally came from, and how many people actually already love it before me. As I got older, I found out about cosplay, manga, anime otakus, video games, and many more.
       If you enter my room, my wall has anime posters on it. There are wigs, costumes, and other stuff I personally like. One time, I got into a serious trouble about my interest on anime, and got into a fight. But that was in the past. And PAST IS PAST. I have to learn from it, and forget about it.

Oh, wow. I typed a lot for an introduction! I guess you have to know more about me as I post more on this blog. From now on. There's no The World of Mine anymore. I really loved that blog, but I guess I have to say goodbye to that one and say hello to this one.
       Well, time to get off! See you next time! (Wait, I don't even see you! ;-; Go follow me on Instagram. Here's my username: wisteriatrina. Feel free to search me! And yes, it's the name of my blog 'cause it looks quite unique! Wisteria + Katrina = wisteriatrina. There's also another one! From someone awesome (: Katrina + Nature = katrinature.)

Have fun! :)

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